"No Kids or Animals were harmed in the making of this party!"
When working with even the most docile animals, there are inherent risks This page is to answer your questions about how to have a safe party, what your responsibilities are, and what ours are!

Bites and Scratches

We at Critters 2 Go have a very good record regarding bites and even scratches (any incident report is open to the public upon request).  My animals live in my home and are handled daily and socialized well so that humans are not stressful to them and they generally enjoy (or at least tolerate, on the part of the reptiles) shows.

However, anything with a mouth can bite, and animals, like children, are sometimes unpredictable! To avoid injury to either your kids or my animals, IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILTY to do our best to judge animal behavior and adjust interaction appropriately. I know my critters very well and can generally "read" them easily. But this might mean if some animal is in a bad mood, Explorers may not get to pet that animal.  However, we do our very best to provide as much interaction as is safe for both you and our animals.

safety warnings during the presentation
such as "this gecko needs to be pet only
on his tail, not his head" or "everyone
be very quiet so that we do not scare the
sugar gliders."


Critters 2 Go is regulated by the the
animal division of the USDA. We are in
the process of becoming USDA Licensed
Exhibitors!  As part of this Exhibitor's licensing our animals care is overseen by an attending veterinarian who specializes in exotics, Dr. Yoeny Calas-Dobson, DMV.  They undergo regular health checks, including tests for parasites and zoonoses (illnesses that can spread from animal to human).  As champions of animal welfare, we are very concerned with our animals' safety, which in turn makes them safer for you!

Keeping our animals as healthy as we can IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY.  We keep health records on site upon request, as well as our USDA Exhibitor's Licence which we will keep current.

However, it is always possible to catch illnesses from animals (as well as from other children at the party!), especially the reptiles and amphibians.  For this reason we may not allow babies (or children too young to keep their hands out of their mouths until they have washed) to pet the reptiles. We emphasize the importance of washing your hands after petting or handling any animal, but actually doing so IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY.  We also have handi-wipes and hand sanitizer with us if you are in an area not near to a sink! 


Also, though most people (even those with allergies to dogs and cats) with allergies tolerate our animals very well, we do not know every participant's allergies.

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out about allergies of your guests.  You are always welcome to request we leave a particular critter home.  Some sensitivities that you may want to ask about are rabbits, hay, or volcanic dust (not the same allergy as regular dust - most people with "dust" allergies are actually allergic to dust mites.) for the chinchilla.  None of our animals are fed corn or peanut products.

HOWEVER, if you have a child or guest with very severe allergies, we recommend our NEW "Creepy Crawly Craft Safari!"  No mammals are involved, but instead 2 crafts are included!