About Us
BethAnn Mayberry spends 24/7 of her life
involved with either Education or Animals...
or both!

Her animals are her life. They all live
with her in her home and are her babies.
(Hence why we don't have a "Critters 2 Go Zoo"
that you can come visit... we don't want
tourists walking around our livingroom while
we sort the laundry or clean cages. Though,
if you have a valid concern about the welfare
of our animals, we can arrange a visit to our
home so you can be sure they are being cared
for like they deserve!) Rare
are the moments when her sugar
gliders, Lilo and Nani are not
in her purse (or shirt)!
Likewise, her prickly baby
hedgehog, Tess LaRue, might be
tucked in her lap while the tree frogs chirp in the
background. It is a bit like living in a zoo!

BethAnn took Veterinary Tech classes at Broadview University
(and made the Dean's List) until an injury got in the way. 
Although she never completed and therefore is not a certified
Vet Tech, the knowledge and experience has helped her in the
care of her own animals, many of which are rescues or have
special needs.

In her spare time (Spare time? With 25+
exotic pets in your care? WHAT'S THAT?! HA!),
BethAnn writes an Exotic Pets column for the
Salt Lake Examiner.  She strives to use the
column to help people make better, more
educated choices in the care of their exotic pets.

Teaching preschool and substituting for elementary to
secondary for over 10 years gave her a good grasp of how
much she loved various subjects from science to art to
literature, but teaching day camps, after-school
classes, and field trips at Thanksgiving Point has given her
an undeniable love of kids AND animals TOGETHER!  She
continues to work in their Education Department and love
every minute... or at least 97% of them.  ;)

Particularly, she runs the Tales for Tots storytime program
and often brings "special guests" from Critters 2 Go with
her when the story calls for it (like sugar gliders for
"Possum Magic" or hermit crabs for "A House for Hermit

But BethAnn doesn't just love HER animals, she loves them ALL!
And so she is pretty excited to meet animals all over the world.
To see her "Critter Bucket List" of all the animals she has met
and interacted with in her travels, click
the bucket! (just don't KICK the bucket!
;) Ha!)
If you really want to know more, her Resume and profile is at Linked In, and she has all the other social dealies below. :) and, of course, you are welcome to email!

We MIGHT be hiring.

If you are a kid or teen who...

  • is more interested in experience with animals than money. (salary is small. Like maybe $5 per 45 minute show, $7 for longer safaris with crafts).
  • is comfortable with all kinds of animals, not just the cute and fluffy ones.
  • is primarily available weekends, but does not need a firm schedule.
  • is reliable! We need to count on you!
  • is patient and friendly with children.
  • has an interest in a future career working with animals.
  • can stand getting peed on every once in awhile! (It happens.)

If this appeals to you, contact me!