Are you ready to buy your bugs?  While local pet stores charge between $7 and $10 PER COCKROACH, we are a small, in-home breeder who sell a small number of roaches a month. 

The majority of our adults are our pets as well as educational "animal ambassadors" with Critters 2 Go parties and classes.
The majority of the babies are used as food for our sugar gliders, hedgehog, bearded dragon, and leopard gecko
But we can afford to sell our extras
(Hissers are PROLIFIC breeders... like
bunnies!) very inexpensivley to school
classes, families, exotic pet enthusiasts,
and others!

We now also offer shipping, however, we
can't give you much of a deal on that. 
As a "non-poisonous insect" the USPS does allow us to send Hissers via the Express Mail, but only with certain requirements. (Read more here at Exhibit 526.6 Requirements for Mailing Small, Harmless, Cold–Blooded Animals)  They need to arrive overnight and personally I do not ship females, just in case.  Due to state law, I can not ship to Florida or Hawaii.  And, just because I do not know all the International restrictions, I do not ship outside the US.

Whether you order 5 or 50, shipping and handling is a flat fee of $50.  They will be shipped overnight, but NOT overnight from when you placed your order.  Because we do not always keep supplies like temperature-safe shipping containers, heat packs (or cool packs, depending on your location and the time of year), etc. on hand AND since we do not ship on holidays or weekends so that your little pets are not stranded anywhere, there may be a week turn over time.

However, to save serious bucks, PICK UP in Orem, UT!

"Okay, I'm ready to order!"

$2 - Adults      How many do you want?
About the size of an iPod Shuffle. Great as Pets or Feeders for larger
reptiles as well as some sugar gliders, etc.

$1 - Juveniles How many do you want?
About the size of a Quarter to a 50 cent piece.  Grow into great pets
and make delicious feeders for sugar gliders, reptiles, and other

25¢ - Babies How many do you want?
About the size, and look very much like, watermelon seeds. Feeders for
quick lizards and frogs.

Do you want to PICK UP in OREM or Pay for Express Delivery to your home, anywhere in the US EXCEPT Florida or Hawaii?

Shipping? Where to? 

How would you like to pay for your
Hissers (and shipping, if selected)?

Need other stuff to house, feed, or just plain ENJOY your Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches?  Check out our Hisser-only Super
Store!  All kinds of products you might want to order
for your beloved buggies.
PayPal  (I will send to
PayPal (send me an invoice to my email address, which I will include in the address field above)
Check (for pick up only, in person)
Cash (for pick up only, in person)
Check, Cash, or Money Order via mail (contact first, for approval)
FREE (because your Critters 2 Go roach died)
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