[Hedgies] 2 Go
All about Tess (and her rise to stardom!)
Ready for a hedgie
of your own?
Adopt a rescue? Or do you want a baby? We can help you with either option!
Pedigrees, memberships, & other Fancy-Pants stuff!
(Fairly self-explanitory)
Click here to meet the sugar gliders, chinchilla,
lizards, frogs, crabs, bugs... well, ALL the other
animals at Critters 2 Go!
Some general hedgehog silliness
Some general hedgehog information
We strive to have the healthiest, happiest, cutest, friendliest, best - socialized, poshest pedigreed, & most-adored hedgehog babies available in the Beehive State.
Hedgehog Day, February 2nd, 2012, Orem, Utah
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Could it be... BABIES?!
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