​Safari Souvenirs 

Favors for your animal themed birthday party! (all profit goes to support rescued animals!) 

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Edible bugs... COMING SOON!


Ready to have a ball?! These inflatable globes are 
a great way to remember your safari adventure while 
splashing in the pool (or, if you are a teacher, 
tossed around in class as part of a wild and wacky
 learning activity!)



All orders come with FREE safari globe keychains!

What is a party without HATS?  And these awesome pith 
helmets will help each Explorer really get into the
adventure. These are plastic, not paper, and really 
last. Each hat is $2.00 or $1.50 for 10 or more.

These plastic telescopes really collapse like a real 
telescope and even magnify things (at a short distance.)
Perfect for looking for animals in the jungle. Each 
telescope measures 2½ inches.  They are a high quality 
souvenir for your party. They are only 50¢ per telescope.

Want to inspect a tiny creature? These little magnifying 
glasses make the perfect tool. They are a tiny price too, 
just 10¢ per glass.

These animal covered pencils are great for any party, but 
are a perfect favor for school classes to remember their 
Safari all year!  Order early for large groups. They are 
20¢ each.

Fuzzy note pads that go along perfectly with your animal 
pencils? Of course!  50¢ each, OR save when you get 
pencils and note pads together... 60¢ for both!

These bubbles are a fun way to to play outside during a 
party, or just a great take home prize for a jungle or 
animal themed party. They are only 40¢ each.

What a SWEET way to celebrate! These frosted 
animal suckers are wildly popular at birthday 
parties for kids of all ages (oh, okay, the 
parents want them too! YUM!) And at only 50¢ 
each, they are pretty affordable, too.

Does your child or their friends collect silly bands? 
They'll go crazy for these stretchy rubber bands, each in 
the shape of a different jungle animal to wear, use, or 
just collect. 1 per Explorer for only 15¢ each OR get ALL 
SIX animals for every child, a bargain at just 60¢ per child!

These wonderful eggs are NOT just for Easter! 
candy will depend on season. 
candy, after all!), they make a "wild" 
addition to your party gift bags.  Only 
$1 per child, these are large and feature 
lion, monkey, zebra, tiger, elephant and 
giraffe eggs.  

If you prefer to fill them yourself, ask 
for them empty for 90¢ each.

anytime you get 
favors (per 
will get these 
bags FREE?

Want EVERYTHING? (Keychains, Hats, Telescopes, Magnifying Glasses, 
Pencils, Notepad, Bubbles, & Frosted Sucker, (and *maybe* even an Edible Bug) in a handy goodie bag!) Get the "1st Class Package" at $6.00 per Explorer. 

$7.00 per explorer to also add our newest goodie bag offerings, a candy-filled wild animal egg and a jungle animal Silly Band.

OR Just $7.50 for our new "Luxury Class"... Keychains, Hats, Telescopes, Magnifying Glasses, Pencils, Notepad, Bubbles, Frosted Sucker, candy-filled wild animal egg, and ALL 6 jungle animal Silly Bands (and *maybe* even an Edible Bug) in a handy goodie bag! That is AWESOME stuff to take home from a party your guests will NEVER forget!

Want Inflatable Globes for jealous siblings?  They are $5.00 per extra globe.

Want a craft projects like a gecko suncatcher, a wiggley wooden lizard, or a scratch-off rainbow jungle animal ornament? Check out our NEW Craft Safari Packages!

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